Bilbao, Felix

Daniel Chertudi
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Nampa, ID
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Felix was born on 6 November 1924 in Arrieta, Bizkaia, to Miguel Uberuaga and Eufemia Olaeta.  He grew up on a baserri, and shares the many chores he did to help his family.  In fact, there was so much work to be done on the farm, that Felix missed school during the day, and had to take night classes to keep up with his education.  Times were hard, and he describes the food rationing that affected his town.  At one point, his father was jailed for a few months.  Fortunately, life was not all work, and he had opportunities to dance during festivals and go to church.

At the age of 24, Felix decided to go to America.  He had been hoping to leave his job at the sawmill and emigrate for some time, and a few of his uncles finally arranged for him to do it.  He worked as a camptender in Idaho for the next 12 years, and describes the experience.  In fact, he met his future wife, Luisa, when he tended for her brother!  The couple was married in 1961.

Felix and Luisa have raised two sons, and the entire family enjoys attending Basque cultural events together.  He has taken several trips back to his homeland, and still fells very much at home there.  Today, Felix is a proud American, and feels his Basque roots have been a major component of his success here in the United States.

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Army days
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First night in Boise
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