Borda, Arnaud

Mikel Chertudi and Julian Achabal
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Gooding, ID
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Arnaud was born 31 August 1928 in Macaye, Lapurdi, to Antoine Borda and Helene Echegaray.  His father was born in Buenos Aires, but grew up in the Basque Country.  The family always spoke Basque at home, and Arnaud didn't learn French until he went to school.  He describes life on the farm, including making his own cheese and wine.  France remained relatively peaceful during the Spanish Civil War, but he does recall his village warmly receiving the few Spanish Basques who crossed the border looking for work.

When he was about 16, Arnaud came to the US with a friend to make a better life for himself.  He spoke no English at the beginning, and it took him several years to adjust to life as a sheepherder.  In 1956, he left the sheep and worked in deliveries and construction before starting is own delivery business.

Arnaud married Inez Lequerica in 1958, after meeting her at a Boise Basque dance.  The couple has raised two sons, and the whole family (including a grandson!) likes to attend local Basque cultural events.  They have traveled together to Eusakdi several times, and describe their wonderful experiences there.  Even though Arnaud is an American citizen, he remains very proud of his Basque heritage.

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