Cantrell, Mary

Daniel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Mary was born on a ranch in Boise, Idaho on 11 May 1921 to Manuel Aberasturi and María Asuncion Basabe.  Her parents died young, leaving Mary and her eight siblings to fend for themselves.  The older children took good care of the younger ones; Mary is grateful to her sisters Juanita Yribar and Petra Asumendi for putting her through school.

She grew up surrounded by friends in the Boise Basque community, and fondly remembers the dances and Sheepherders Balls she loved to attend.

Mary married Don Cantrell in 1944, working for Morrison Knudsen while he was fighting in the Pacific during World War II.  They have six children, and have traveled all over the world.  In her spare time, Mary still loves to dance, socialize at the Boise Basque Center, and watch the BSU Broncos play football.

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Being raised by siblings
Sheepherders Ball
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