Cathy Clarkson

Cathy Clarkson Txistu

1994, Cathy Clarkson, playing Txistu at the Basque Museum &  Cultural Center.

Cathy began playing the clarinet by 1970, the flute by 1971, and began learning the txistu in Boise in 1977 with the Bilbao family. She traveled to Onate, in the Basque Country to attend the BSU Campus located there continuing her txistu studies with the well-known Jon Onatibia. Upon returning to Boise she joined the group of Txistularis that Jim Jausoro was directing at the Basque Center playing for parades, festivals, etc. Cathy returned to Euskadi in 1981-82 for a year and studied txistu in Gernika with Martin Urrutia. After she returned to Boise she played for the Oinkari Basque Dancers as a principal musician for practices and performances from 1982 until 1999. Cathy continues to play for the Onati Korpus Dantzariak at the annual San Inazio Festival, at the annual Omenaldia Memorial Mass, and with the Biotzetik Basque Choir at selected performances.

Cathy has taught txistu off and on since 1983 and served as a master teacher with the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program sponsored by the Idaho Commission on the Arts. Edu Sarria, another Boise txistulari, was her first student. She was a member of the Gaupasa band from 1996 till 2006. In 2010 she took part in the "Arrantza" modern ballet as a txistulari with fellow musicians Dan Ansotegui, Sean Aucutt and Miren Azpitarte.

1983, Txistularis playing for the Jon Onatibia Tribute at Boise High School, Cathy Clarkson is on the far right.

1987,  First Jaialdi- Cathy Clarkson on the left.

Audio Recording: 
Jimmy Jausoro and Cathy Clarkson playing in 1994 NABO Accordion Festival. Recording provided by Jean Flesher.