Cihigoyenetche, Jean Louis

Lisa Corcostegui
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Eagle, ID
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Jean Louis was born in Arnegi, Benafarroa to Simon Cihigoyenetche and Graciana Begue in 1938.  He grew up on the family farm, Hartchaina.  He attended school in Arnegi, but because of the location of his family's home, they attended church at the parish of Santiago in Luzaide, Nafarroa. As a young man Jean Louis participated as a dancer in the local tradition of the Cavalcade.  He fondly remembers his first Cavalcade staged in the neighborhood of Ondarrola. The interview deals extensively about about the different dances from Benafarroa, and Jean Louis' performances and lessons.

Jean Louis immigrated to California in 1958 where he worked in the dairy business in the Chino area for many years.  During that time he began to teach dance to members of the Basque Club in La Puente.  He met his wife, Anne Carrique, when she went to take dance lessons from him.  Jean Louis dedicated 15 years to preserving Basque heritage through teaching dance.

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Trip to Chino
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