Corta, Elbeda

Mikel Chertudi
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Jordan Valley, Oregon
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Elbeda was born on 13 February 1922 in Jordan Valley, Oregon, to Sebastian "Frank" Larrocea and Florentina Urresti.  Both of her parents came from Bizkaia, and she vividly describes their early lives and immigrations to America.  Elbeda remembers her early life on the family ranch in Arock, which her brother still owns today.  She helped her mother with chores while her older siblings worked in the fields with their father.

At home, the Larrocea family spoke mostly Basque, but only the two eldest boys were not proficient in English by the time they started school.  Most of the family's neighbors were Basque, and there were many fun dances and handball tournaments.

Elbeda met her husband, Simon Corta, at a Basque dance soon after he had returned home from the war, and they were married in 1946.  The couple has one son, and the whole family enjoys attending the limited number of Basque festivities in their area.  Elbeda is strongly attached to her Basque heritage today, but has never felt the urge to visit Euskadi.


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Arock Basques
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