Cortabitarte, Glorianne

Mikel Chertudi and Julian Achabal
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Gooding, ID
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Glorianne Cortabitarte was born on 7 February 1935 in Wendell, ID, to Candido Elorriaga and Gloria Madarieta.  Her father had moved to Shoshone at the age of 19.  He met Glorianne's mother, another Bizkaian, while working as a sheepherder in Hagerman.  As she was growing up, Glorianne spent so much time with her grandmother that she was unable to speak English when she started school!  She soon adapted, and graduated from high school without a problem.

The Basque community in Hagerman was small, but Glorianne has many warm memories of her childhood there.  She describes how the town got together to help her family rebuild their home when it burned down, and how the Basques united to build a little Catholic church for themselves.  There were many dances and festivals as well.

Glorianne married Elias Cortabitarte in 1960, and the couple has raised a daughter to be proud of her Basque heritage.  Glorianne has made many trips to the Basque Country, and describes her enchantment with each visit.  Today, she is actively involved in local Basque cultural activities, and feels very strongly attached to her Basque identity.

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Basque identity
Building the church
Spanish with Grandma
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