Dick, Rose Arregui

Patty Miller
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Boise, ID
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Rose was born on 14 October 1917 in Boise, Idaho to Mateo Arregui and Adriana Zelaya.  Her parents owned the Modern Hotel, but had moved to the Delamar Hotel by the time Rose was born.  She has vivid, detailed memories of the Delamar, which was one of the better-known boarding houses in Boise.  Many Basques stayed there; Rose shares some of her experiences with them.

After graduating from St. Teresa's Academy in Boise, Rose met Robert E. Dick.  They were married in 1941, just before Robert was sent overseas for World War II.  She describes what Boise was like during the Great Depression and the second world war.  Rose was a member of the Independiente Sociale, an organization of Basque women that raised money and brought food to people in need.

Rose sees a bright future for the Basque culture in the United States.  She feels a strong connection to her heritage, and works to maintain the Basque community in Boise.

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Independiente sociale
The Delmar
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