Bicandi, Dorothy Aldecoa

John Bieter
Interview Location: 
Boise, Idaho
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Dorothy was born on 10 January 1922 in Barber, Idaho, to Eugenio Rementeria Bicandi and Maria Dolores Aguirre. Her father worked in a stone quarry, but later moved the family to Emmett, where he began his job at the mill. Dorothy graduated from high school in 1940, and went on to become a nurse. She describes her three years of training in Nampa. It was around this time that she met her husband, Basilio "Barse" Aldecoa; the couple was married in 1948. Dorothy reminisces about her and her husband's sheep ranch days, since Barse refused to abandon the sheep industry. Today, Dorothy remains proud of her Basque heritage. She is supportive of the continued Basque culture in Boise, and participates in many local events. Dorothy is happy to call Idaho home, but has been to Euskadi to get in touch with her roots.

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Trip to Euskadi
Nursing School
School Uniforms