Echanis, Timotea Yraguen

Patty A. Miller
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Ontario, Oregon
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Timotea was born on 3 April 1912 in McDermitt, Oregon, to Jose Yraguen and Claudia Acordagoitia.  She relates the stories of her parents' immigrations to the United States, and the tough times they found together during the Depression.  Timotea spent much of her early childhood sleeping on a dirt floor!  She went to work at a boarding house as a teenager, and reminisces about the fun she had there.

Timotea met her husband Jose--a successful sheep rancher 18 years her senior--in Ontario, and the couple was married in 1935.  The freedoms this union afforded meant that she could finally attend church, participate in cultural activities and begin bowling (a passion she maintained for many years).  Timotea was also influential in spearheading the Ontario Basque Dance group.

Timotea has raised three children, and enjoyed involving herself with their activities, including serving as scout leader.  She has made several trips to the Basque country, and believes this heritage has impacted her life and values in important ways.  Timotea reflects on the Ontario Basque community, noting its acceptance by non-Basques and her hope for its continued survival.

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Basque Legacy
Working at the Boarding House
Ontario Involvement
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