Echevarria, Florentina Aramburu (Malaxetxebarria)

David and Daniel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Florentina was born on 16 October 1909 in Aulestia, Bizkaia, to Juan Jose Aramburu and Felipa Itza.  She describes growing up on the family baserri, attending a few years of school, and sewing.  When she was 14, she sewed for a few years before working as a maid for a wealthy dentist's family.  After a few years, she moved on to another house, but ultimately had to return to help out on the baserri when her father passed away.

Florentina and her friends often went to dances in other towns, and it was at one of these that she met her future husband.  She and Jose Manuel Malaxetxebarria (later Echevarria) were married in 1933, and had three children in Aulestia.  The family moved to Idaho in 1951, and Florentina discusses the adjustment process to her new life.  She spoke no English, but it didn't take her long to find her niche.

During her years in Idaho, Florentina has lived as though she had never left the Basque Country.  Her children all speak Euskara, and she lives with her daughter in Boise.  Florentina remains a proud Basque, but would not consider leaving her Boise home.

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