Echevarria, Yvonne Urriolabeitia

Mikel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Yvonne was born in Boise, Idaho on 10 August 1937 to Pedro José Urriolabeitia and Mari Carmen Anacabe.  Her parents owned Boise Brake Supply; her father worked as the mechanic while her mother kept the books and ran errands.  Yvonne remembers a great deal of what the Basque community in Boise was like from the 1940s onward.  She and her family attended picnics and other social events, where Yvonne experienced a remarkable connection with other Basques.

Yvonne graduated from St. Teresa's Academy in 1955, studied business at Links Business College for 2 years, and decided to join the workforce.  She worked as a bookkeeper for a finance company in Boise for two years, then for an insurance company, and finally for Idaho First National Bank.  She married Jim Echevarria, a childhood friend, in 1960, and left her job at the bank to raise a family.  She returned to the workforce when her youngest child was in the eighth grade, finding a position as the manager for the lunch program at Hillside Junior High School.

Spending time with her family is at the top of Yvonne's list of priorities, and she has made it a point to instill a love of Basque culture in her children.  An active member of the Basque Center in Boise, Yvonne has lived her heritage to its fullest extent, and provides personal insight into what it means to be Basque in the United States.

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