From L/R: Dan Ansotegui (accordion), Cathy Clarkson, (txistu), Josie Bilbao (Txistu andTtunttun), Patty Miller (Guitar), Chris Bieter (Guitar), and Sean Auccutt Pandereta).

Gaupasa was put together in the spring of 1996 when Chris Bieter, Patty MillerDan AnsoteguiCathy ClarksonJosie Bilbao, and Sean Aucutt, who had all been playing in various groups in the Boise area for many years, came together to promote Basque folk music that they all loved. After going through a few names such as Sei Jai and Kaixo Motel, they settled on Gaupasa meaning "all night long". This name was not chosen for their ability to play long into the morning hours, but rather as a self inflicted bit of teasing since very few of them of them could stay up past midnight anymore. They have performed at Basque gatherings in idaho, Oregon, and Nevada and have also played at the National Folk life Festival in Dayton, Ohio in 1997  with Boise's Oinkari Basque dancers. 

Instruments typically found in the Basque Country are represented in the band with Izarne Garmendia and Dan Ansotegui on the trikitixa (tricky-tee-shuh), or button accordion, Cathy Clarkson on the txistu (chees-too) and flute, and Sean Aucutt on the pandereta, or tambourine. Patty Miller added her delicate guitar playing and strong vocals. Chris Bieter's guitar and vocals along with Jazmo Seiler's expertise on the mandolin, violin and bass add to the richness of the sound. Nick Elguizabal would join the group on occasion on the saxophone. Drums and additonal vocals were contributed by Mo Berriochoa son of the famous Lou Berriochoa from Mountain Home.

The music and language of the Basque people are very important in the Basque culture, and the members of Gaupasa along with many other musicians in the area, are pleased to help carry on this special part of our heritage. 

The band was disbanded on December 2005.

From the booklet of Jaialdi 2000.

Audio Recording: 
Zazpi Jauzi, Gaupasa, Dec. 1996.