Bicandi, Irene Anderson

John Bieter
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Boise, Idaho
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Irene was born on 23 November 1923 in Barber, Idaho, to Eugenio Rementeria Bicandi and Maria Dolores Aguirre. She discusses her parents' early lives and immigrations to the US. Since her parents never had an opportunity for much formal education, they insisted that their children go to school. Irene grew up in her parents' Emmett boarding house, and describes the many wonderful experiences she had there. Irene graduated from high school and soon joined the Navy, where she rose to the rank of a sergeant (petty officer). She traveled from New York to Georgia to San Francisco. After she left the service in 1946, she worked as a shopkeeper until her retirement. Irene married Allen Anderson in 1947, and the couple raised two children. Today, Irene remains very proud of her Basque heritage. She leads an active social life, often visiting or being visited by friends, and she has participated in many local cultural events. Above all else, however, Irene feels fortunate to call herself American, for it is in this country that her parents were able to achieve respect and success.

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Sheepherders watching them dance inside
Bookeeping school in the Navy
School as a child
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