Arozamena, Miren Arrubarrena

Begoña Pecharroman
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Boise, Idaho
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Miren was born on 7 April 1960 in Mundaka, Bizkaia, to Tony Arrubarrena and Victoria Oleaga. She moved to Idaho with her mother when she was two; her father had been herding sheep. Her earliest recollections include becoming an American citizen with her mother, learning English and going to school.

Miren participated in Basque dance from an early age, and was eventually an Oinkari. She remains in close contact with her family in Euskadi to this day, and has made many trips back to her birth country. As a young woman, she studied in Madrid, and taught English in Bilbao, where met her husband. Jon moved back to Boise with Miren even though he spoke no English, and the couple was soon married.

Today, Miren has two children, and the whole family loves to participate in Basque cultural events. She is a proud American, but feels a strong connection to her Basque cultural heritage nonetheless.

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Bringing non-Basque friends to events
Children in Basque dance classes
Growing up in the Basque community
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