Sean Aucutt

Sean Aucutt playing for Amuma Says No.

Morrie Berriochoa gave Sean a few tips on playing the tambourine in 1991 and he has basically been self-taught since then. Sean accompanied Dan Ansotegui and Chris Bieter in the band, Ordago, for several years until the group disbanded (1991-2005). Later on he was part of Gaupasa, Ordago’s successor from 1996 to 2006.

His style as a tambourine player was developed during several trips to the Basque Country during the 90's. During the years 1995-96, he lived with Joseba Tapia, one-half of the famous trikitixa duo, Tapia and Leturia, while studying Euskera in the barnetegui of Lazkao.  He developed his own style under the tutelage of Xabier Leturia and Imanol Urkizu. Urkizu, was his main teacher during these years.

Sean accompanied Jimmy Jausoro for several performances during the last years of Jimmy’s life, trading off with Juan Zulaica. He was a member of the Oinkari Basque Dancers from 1986 to 2008 as a dancer and later on as a tambourine player. In order to assure a future for the art of tambourine playing in the Boise Basque community, especially for the Oinkari Basque Dancers, he decided to teach younger students in the musical group, Txantxangorriak. Additionally he was part of the modern-traditional dance project "Arrantza" in 2010 and he traveled to the Basque Country as a musician for the dancers along with Dan Ansotegui, Cathy Clarkson and Miren Azpitarte. 

After Gaupasa disbanded, Dan Ansotegui, Spencer Basterrechea Martin and Sean decided to create a new breed of Basque music and with Jill Aldape and Rod Wray they created Amuma Says No in 2006. They have been enlivening numerous Basque social gatherings ever since, just as the Jim Jausoro Orchestra did for decades. 

Sean Aucutt playing with Jimmy Jausoro. 

1 Basque Music of Boise, Vol 2, track 26.

Text by Eneko Tuduri.

Audio Recording: 
Sean Aucutt playing with Bernardo Yanci, 1.