Traveling Education Trunks

Traveling Trunk Program for Educators

The Basque Museum & Cultural Center has special resources for teachers, such as educational trunks, that can be used off-site!
Our trunks are packed with various items to help you teach students about Basque history and culture, such as costumes, musical instruments, and lesson plans.
These resourcs provide easy ways for stuens to have hands-on learning where culture comes alive in the classroom.

If you are interested in using a trunk, please contact the Basque Museum at 343-2671 and ask for Meggan, Education Programs Specialist, or email


- The rental fee is $25. This fee must be paid by the borrower at reservation time or at pick-up before the trunk can be checked out.

- If the trunk has to be shipped to a location outside Boise, Idaho, shipping fees must be paid by the borrower.
(Contact the museum for shipping fees and additional shipping information)

- Borrower must provide name, address, phone, email of the responsible party.

- Trunks may be reserved for a maximum period of 2 weeks.

- Pick-up and Returns - borrowers are responsible for the timely and safe pick-upp, return, and shipping  of trunks.

- An inventory of items is completed by museum staff at check-out, and again at trunk return. Borrowers are fully responsible for damages and/or missing items, and will be charged accordingly.

- A larger vehicle is recommended to transport this trunk.


Available Trunks

Foreign Land: My New Life in Idaho

The Foreign Land trunk is a large trunk that contains various Basque items that help with the interpretation of Basque history and culture. Inside you will find Basque music CDs, Basque dancing DVDs, sports and dance equipment, recipe books, and many other educational items. The trunk is geared toward the 4th grade level and corresponds to Idaho Social Studies Standards.

For more information, please contact the Basque Museum at 343-2671 or email